Together We Stand was founded in Fairbanks, Alaska by visionaries Anthony and Louise Buie, in 2001 following the 911 terror attacks on our country. What began has a vision inspired by God to bring the Fairbanks community together for a time of reflection and healing, strategically evolved into one of the most anticipated annually supported gospel events in the Fairbanks community.

In 2004 more than 2000 supporters would pack the Carlson Center where the first gospel fest was held, the event showcased various community church choirs, quartets, soloist, and native dancers, it was a huge success. The annual gospel event would continue to impact the community over the next few years in similar fashion becoming one of Fairbanks major attractions.

Has the country began to heal from the events surrounding the terror attacks, the Buie’s thought it was important to continue to come together as a community not only in remembrance of tragedy, but also has a symbol of hope and support to the less fortunate in our community, the mission of Together We Stand would evolve from a para-ministry under “True Victory Baptist Church” to an independent Christian Non-Profit Organization in 2006.

Together We Stand would also change from being a gospel event that hosted various inspirational music groups to forming a combined Fairbanks Community Choir with the help of Together We Stand’s first Gospel Clinician Norris Garner, who in 2007 would conduct a 5 day music workshop with community participants with supporting gospel artist like John Tillery, Dr. Clarence Eggleton, Isaiah D. Thomas, William Taylor, and Valerie D. Johnson. The 2007 Gospel Fest concluded with a live CD recording which was released in 2008. Although a great undertaking, the financial burden to fund such a project was massive on the Buie’s who personally financed the project beyond charitable support. The Buie’s remained steadfast in their resolve to be a blessing to the less fortunate.

In 2009 Anthony would meet Curtis White, an Assistant Pastor who was looking for Radio Advertising for an upcoming concert he was promoting featuring up and coming Recording Artist Mali Music. The event helped form a brotherhood and partnership with Curtis and the Buie’s that continue to this day. Curtis would coordinate to bring Mali Music back in 2010 has a Together We Stand headliner for a second live cd recording. A benefit concert followed which headlined the Christian Rock Trio “BarlowGirl” in support of the Fairbanks Rescue Mission who helps countless numbers of homeless veterans and families throughout the Fairbanks community. Mali would dedicate the song “Make Me New” to the project which was released in 2011 and became one of the top gospel songs played that year. Make Me New was also featured on the 2012 WOW Gospel CD among the top gospel songs in the world, which was nominated for a 2012 Dove award. The 2010 project also introduced Sheilah Belle to the project, one of the most sought out gospel publicist and radio personalities in the industry who hosted the event. The 2010 project was a huge marketing success and brought visibility to our efforts to use gospel music has a platform in support of our philanthropic endeavors.

Together We Stand continued to take its gospel events to another level of excellence in 2011 by bringing in two-time Dove Award winning Clinician V. Michael McKay, who gave one of the most breath taking gospel benefit concerts to date. The 4 day gospel workshop was instructed by Mr. McKay who taught a volunteer community choir new material and delivered a benefit concert that excited the Fairbanks, community. Together We Stand supporter Mali Music, and Sunday’s best Jessica Reedy and Sheilah Belle was also among the recording artist and special guest who supported the benefit concert. Together We Stand also hosted Alaska Got Talent, and an up close and personal concert featuring Mali Music and Jessica Reedy. This would be the last event held in Fairbanks, Alaska. Since its inception, Together We Stand has donated more than $25,000 to support the needs of the less fortunate to organizations such as the Fairbanks Rescue Mission, and Joel’s Place.

In 2012 the Buie’s knew it was time to present Together We Stand to every city across America to address the needs of homelessness. To further enhance the creditability and transparency of our relief efforts Together We Stand became a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. The Buie’s relocated to Louisville, Kentucky and the White’s now reside in San Antonio, Texas. The team today is coordinating and preparing to host its first stateside project in 2016, “The Kentucky Project.”