music Bringing awareness through gospel music
as a symbol of hope for the homeless across America



Since inception in 2001 after the 9/11 terror attacks on our country, Together We Stand has united the Fairbanks, Alaska community with annually sponsored gospel music events that have touched the hearts of people to support various charitable organizations that address the needs of the less fortunate like the Fairbanks Rescue Mission, and Joel’s Place Skate park.



Today with a focus to address the issues of homelessness across America, Together We Stand is in the process of launching its national campaign throughout cities across America, bringing the strength of gospel music to every state in the union, appealing to the heart of a community to take action in showing solidarity in support of national relief efforts to end homelessness.

All of Together We Stand products and services are strategically structured to provide continuous support to a recognized non-profit organization or state initiative that has an affective program in place for providing homelessness prevention services, homeless shelters for veterans and families, and programs that provide affordable housing.



*A symbol of unity.*Dedicated to efforts to relieve homelessness.*Providing hope to the less fortunate.
*Impacting lives through inspirational music events.*Loving people where they are.*Not political.
*An expression of love for God and Country.