Push-Initiative_LOGO-copy-(2)-1The PUSH initiative “Providing Unfortunate Souls Housing” is a TWS Charitable Campaign drive to solicit needed continuous support for our structured benefit events to assist in relief efforts to combat homelessness across America.


The PUSH initiative is a united symbol of hope for the homeless that offers communities; businesses; faith based organizations; and caring supporters the opportunity to support a community supported project that’s relevant, that cares, and that wants to make a difference in the lives of men, women and children affected by homelessness.


The PUSH initiative is also Veteran sensitive. We support the Veterans Administrations efforts for ending Veteran homelessness by 2015. Our benefit efforts are designed to support agencies that assist our fellow comrades and their families in need. As former Vietnam and Post 911 Veterans we cannot stand by while one of our own is in need, so the PUSH Initiative also supports our efforts to eliminating veteran homelessness across America.


Your gifts make it possible for Together We Stand to host its targeted community benefit events that bring gospel recording artist and music industry professionals together with community participants to sing original inspirational songs of hope for the homeless captured in a live cd recording named after that community.

Proceeds are dedicated to a 501c3 community recognized organization dedicated to assisting homeless relief efforts and future TWS community projects. Organizations such as Rescue Missions and the Salvation Army are among the type of organizations we aim to support.